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140 Characters

Today sucked and I can’t fit the suckage in 140 characters. It just started off bad. Once they start out bad, they just tend to end terribly. Long story short. I got an upper respiratory infection. I’ve never had a steroid shot. After the brilliant doctor is told that I have bipolar and anxiety, she tells me it might bother my nerves a little. Nerves. Brilliant word choice. So then I can breathe a little better so I’m less afraid of some  unknown malady, I continue my day. I’m feeling really good. A little too good looking back…yeah the warning signs were there all right. So talk talk talk. Frenzy of texting. More frenzy or texting. Confusion confusion. Mania mania. Accidently act like a mean asshole friend. Moment of realization, knife to chest. Hysterical. But it was good. I’ve been needing this cry all week. I just couldn’t make it happen. Gotta thank good old Mom for always being there when I’m having a hard time and finding the most perfectly worst things at that moment to say. My husband thinks it’s a gift. No one else could    come up with more hurtful things at the worst moments. Like the time she told me I should have never had my baby. Aside from that I feel better. I got it all out of my system, except for the other half of my lungs that still aren’t working. SMH. I’m smiling. I really am. Tomorrow will definitely be better. It usually is.