It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. But there’s good reason for that. I was busy living. I kept hoping I’d get to a point where I had something important to blog about, but things kept changing and rolling on. A lot has happened, but I won’t bore you with all the details, just a few. ¬†Greg and I just got back from an anniversary trip to Key West. It couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve missed each other with all his traveling and needed some us time. We needed to celebrate the 9 years of marriage we have fought so very hard for. He’s my best friend, but so much more than that. We’re connected to each other in a very unique and special way. So we had such a great time, but now it’s Monday and he’s back to traveling for work. So since I’m skipping a lot of other details I’ll, just tell you where I’m at now. I finally feel like myself again. Which is actually a hard thing for me to¬†recognize. It’s been many years since I’ve felt like this. The last few years have been filled with many mood changes and life changes. I finally feel like I’ve fought to get to a place where I’m just me. I feel happy for the little things. I feel sad when sad things happen. I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I feel, well I just feel at peace with myself. My crazy brain has given me a reprieve. A break from the madness. But it’s a break I have fought hard for. When things get tough, I fight even harder. I don’t let myself stay in bed. Instead I push and I push and get things done. It’s a healthy coping mechanism. A new one. One that really helps make my life much easier to live. So yeah, the meds are doing their job and I’m doing mine and I won’t call what I am normal, but I will call it me.

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