Amish Paradise

So here’s another one from the Greg and Beth are weird file.

(We were talking about how his job majorly sucks for both of us right now)

G: Maybe I should just become an amish farmer.
B: Does that mean I get to be the farmer’s wife?
B: Hey, there’s an idea. If i get manic again, this time we should just send me to live with the amish people. I couldn’t get into too much trouble there.
G: You don’t think beards are attractive?
B: I bet the men wouldn’t be very good with personal hygiene.
G: I dunno. They probably take a bath every two weeks whether they need it or not.
B: I mean like manscaping. It would probably be pretty scary down there.
G: No, they just shape it in the same shape as their beard.
B: LOL. Gross! I bet I could corrupt one though.
G: I have no doubt that you probably would, but I bet it would be pretty boring.
B: You never know. They could maybe be under cover kinky.
G: Kinky for them is getting up at 5:30am instead of 5:00am.
B: I’d just like to point out that we’re having a conversation about me having sex with amish people.
G: Hmmmm.

And now for your viewing pleasure, Weird Al’s Amish Paradise.

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