So it always happens. You meet someone. You start a conversation. And inevitably the question always comes up. “What do you do for a living?” It’s a tough question for me to answer. Usually I babble incoherently about crafting and making phone calls and my cats and buying stuff and getting my hair done. But I don’t really have a short accurate response that I’m comfortable with. I can’t just break out the whole, “Well I’m disabled” thing right off the bat with someone you don’t know. Especially when they ask for what. And then it’s a big mess of trying not to sound like a crazy person with the bipolar line.

So I’ve decided to offer up some alternative titles for myself. Please feel free to vote or offer up alternatives. Here we go:

★ Trophy Wife
★ Kept Woman
★ Mistress of the House
★ Woman of Means
★ Handicapable
★ A crazy cat lady
★ Housewife
★ Domestic Goddess
★ Property manager
★ A Lady of Leisure
★ My husband’s personal assistant
★ Emotional specialist
★ Professional Internet Shopper
★ and last, but this only works if i keep blogging, A Writer/ A Blogger

Now on to perfect using these with confidence!

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