An Emily Post

There are many books that I keep on my desk for everyday reference. The most important are The Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex, The Philokalia, and the very most important Emily Post’s Etiquette the 17th Edition. I know. I’m weird and I’m in a mood so I’m about to get snotty to boot. I first read Emily Post as a child and was amazed that by following a set of rules and behaviors, you could gracefully handle any situation. And if you were in a situation where you didn’t know what to do, there are rules to tell you. And that was the beginning of my love hate relationship with structure.
On a normal day most of this doesn’t matter. Antiquated rules have been slowly updated to fit modern times and things have become more relaxed. I agree with all that except in a few areas. But for me the biggest is business etiquette. You earn my respect with proper business practices, manners, and follow up behavior.
So here’s where we get to the point of this post. I got the WORST thank you note ever in the mail today from a salesman at a store where we recently bought some furniture. Mad props for sending one at all in this day and age, but if you’re going to do something do it right! Let me just show you. You’ll get it.

The only reason I did this in the first place is because he wrote it on the card upside down and sideways and i was appalled. (But my Mom said I’m doing this because I have too much time on my hands.) I mean, come on. Why bother if you’re going to half ass it? In red were the corrections I would have made to make it actually sound sincere and not like something that he had to cross off his to do list.

I did appreciate the thought, but it got me thinking about how much is said and written that is insincere. Let’s just remember to write honestly and sincerely and speak the truth, but always remember to do so with grace and tact.

To close let me tell you a dirty joke.

Why don’t WASPS(white-anglo-saxon-protestants) have orgies?
Too many thank you notes.

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