laughing under water



Ok, a few things…

1st, view above screen shot of texting between me and greg.

2nd, it’s not my birthday or even near my birthday.

3rd, Bella is the cat.

4th, i’ve been reading the health care card material from julie at (hopefully more about that soon)

5th, i’m super hypomanic and as julie says ultra ultra rapid cycling, but staying on the hypomanic end most of the time.

6th, Don’t even ask about the banana picture. instead just watch the video at the bottom of the Creative outlets page. it’s way too long of a story. and it also cameos greg which is fun.

Finally, please take this all as pretty damn funny. Because poor greg has to listen to all this randomness day after day after day.


I’ve learned an important lesson. We have to be able to laugh. laugh good and hard. life is really hard. so hard that most of the time we wish we could curl up in a ball and cry, or spend a lot of money on shoes. either way, not good. even though it’s been pretty freakin’ rough, i’ve realized lately that i’ve been coping pretty well because i can make fun of myself. I can laugh and make a tin-foil hat when i’m paranoid. laugh when i bounce off the wall because i’m sleep deprived. laugh and make fun of myself when talking to the mail order pharmacy woman because i’m acting like a little old lady with all of my 100’s of health issues and complicated medications. I laugh so i don’t cry. i laugh because i’m tired of feeling weak and pathetic. i laugh to release stress and stay strong.


because of this new super power, i thought that i might like to make a new blog. a place where i can go and be funny and leave all serious things over here. a place to be positive and funny and laugh. i even registered a domain name. it fits my recently acquired ability to make light of things when i’m so close to drowning. let me tell you the hours i spent brainstorming every way i could think of just to come up with a site name. i tried to make a site, but for some reason i just couldn’t make it work. I couldn’t get software to work, domain name wouldn’t transfer, i didn’t like any of the templates. it just felt forced. And just now as i’m writing this, it hits me. having a second blog might not be meant to be. having two sites would be like reading a book and missing half the chapters. i think that i need to be here and maybe here needs to reflect my current change in attitude. adding another site would take away from the story and not give anyone a clear view of who i am. my writing needs to be cohesive and in one location. BEcause I know that with bipolar disorder there will always be change, but that is one more good reason to stay consistent and let this blog be what ever it needs to be for me.


i am so thankful for another manic monday. it’s been here for me in the depths of depression, throngs of mania, and everywhere in between. so it might be time for a bit of a change, yet i’m going to keep writing the story i started where i started it. but i hope my future entries are way funnier, not as scary, and will make you smile. New goal= make myself and everyone who reads what i write smile. oh, and check on my broken links. LOL


and What the heck happened to me getting that birthday cake………….???

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