It’s Contagious

Yes, it’s 3:30am. And again I can’t sleep, so I thought I’d share my day with you.

As you see in the above picture, there are a crap ton of musical instruments sitting in the corner of my living room. A piano, an acoustic/electric bass, and acoustic/electric guitar, a cowbell, a set of bongos, a folk guitar, an ocarina, some bagpipes, a mandolin, and a percussion egg. This was not the picture this morning. Greg and I had gone out to dinner to celebrate the refinancing of our house. Ok, well we were really just hungry and wanted to go out to eat somewhere yummy. Afterwards, we were driving home and I see a guitar center. I casually mentioned a while back that I thought it would be cool to learn to play the guitar, so we decide to stop and look. Just look.

It all just happened so quickly. And I’d like to point out that none of this was my fault. Long story short, we go in ask to see a beginner level guitar. Guitar guy shows us a few. I hold one and say, “Yeah it seems to fit pretty well.” Then, “What? I have to cut my fingernails to play? Greg, I think we should think about this.” What happened next I can only describe as Greg catching some of my bipolar manic impulse control issue. We walk out of there with the bass, a better guitar, and a mandolin. Oh and a Mario Brothers piano book. And even stranger yet is that we have no clue how to play any of these instruments. Greg, again with some kind of contagious bipolar symptom, justifies this by saying that we don’t own these instruments yet and that if we had them then maybe we could learn to play them. *face meet palm*

So maybe one day one of us will decide to ruin our perfectly manicured fingers and take some lessons or something. And if all else fails, we’re going to hang them on the wall and have some pretty expensive art.

p.s. Again this was not my fault this time. I will take responsibility for my random impulsive purchases, but this was all him. It’s catching you know…

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