Bella and the Interloper



Today was kinda crappy. I had a pretty traumatic experience at the dentist. I tried my best to go to my happy place on a beach where sun-kissed speedo wearing cabana boys served me ice-cold margaritas and fanned me with palms, but in the end the pain was just too much. I came home feeling pretty defeated and out of control. To gain back control I started cleaning up every piece of clutter, throwing away every single tiny piece of trash, and had set my sights on organizing Greg’s underwear drawer when he came home and stopped me. He took me to a nice dinner at Rumba’s, a pretty cool Caribbean place, and I ate my crankiness away. Shrimp bisque, mussels in garlic sauce, and the most make-me-want-to-swoon coconut mahi-mahi.


Balance has now been restored to the force until I get out of the car in the driveway and saw this.



As you see there is a little bit of soap opera drama occurring here. Well, maybe you don’t see. Let me give you the back story. Bella, my kitty, does NOT like other animals. Especially not ones that come into our yard. She’s super protective and territorial. She once saved my life from a pair of blood thirsty boxers that had dared to enter her domain. Well she didn’t exactly save my life. She got in between us though and got really angry looking and yowled at them until I scooped her up, still yowling and hair sticking up, and I ran inside and called animal control. But in her kitty mind, she saved my life. But I digress. One day I came out and there she was nose to nose with another bigger cat. I was ready to go get the hose at first, but then I realized they were nuzzling and being friendly. I found out the other cat was a boy when I saw him spraying my shrubs one day. So after that “Boyfriend Cat” as I’ve named him, has been around a lot. At times they have a rocky relationship. She’ll often get mad at him and chase him out of the yard, but the next day I’ll find them curled up together in the sun. This has been going on for a while now and still no other animals are allowed in the yard. I thought their relationship was working out just fine until today. Back to the picture. Bella is sitting on our side of the property and Boyfriend Cat is over in the Mexican’s yard with the “Interloper.” Bella was PISSED. I saw her hunched down ears all flat when we pulled in and when I got out I saw why. Boyfriend Cat was over there rubbing cheeks with the Interloper, whom I’m assuming is some spicy little Latina kitty that lives by the Mexican’s doublewide. (There’s always drama by a doublewide.) She watched for awhile making sure they didn’t try to cross the property line. I tried to talk to her about it, but she acted like she didn’t care and didn’t want to claw the eyes out of the Interloper. Too bad she’s declawed…I’m pretty sure she’s taking it well, but she was hiding in my closet next to my desk earlier and I think I heard sobbing. Guess we’ll just have to see what happens tomorrow. Will Boyfriend Cat be allowed back in the yard? Will Bella plot her revenge? Will Bella and Interloper become friends and kick Boyfriend Cat’s ass? Who knows? To be continued…


Today’s post was brought to you by sleep depravation and my twisted sense of humor. And don’t forget to laugh ‘til you cry and cry ‘til you laugh!


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