First off I’m very excited because i downloaded lion and i have new photobooth options available now. Like the birdies flying around my head in above pic.  That’s kinda how i feel right now. I started a new med this week. it’s been a doozy. I kinda feel like it’s a narcotic even though it’s a mood stabilizer. really weird. tired and dizzy and out of it, but not in a bad, angry, or scary mood so far. i accidentally did pull a chemical overload on myself the other night though. We were out to dinner with friends so i thought i’d have a small glass of red wine. well then i wanted a coke later. Keep in mind this is a long fancy pants kinda meal. In the dessert room I not only had well dessert but a cafe con leche. I was vibrating and feeling kinda tipsy at this point. it was like i had drank vodka and redbulls  and had maybe gotten stoned all night with out any of the physical side effects. Not something I would ever do now, but i felt great! LOL poor poor greg. it was his birthday and i was giggling and could not hold still and was in this wonderful feel good place. He was full and tired. which i should have been but us being us the stars were not aligning. So caffeine has never effected me before and i’ve been able to have one drink on any medication i’ve ever been on. Maybe the blood sugar played a factor. who knows, but i was feeling great. i usually can sleep once i’ve taken my nightly cocktail of ambian and klonipin but not last night i was wired and couldn’t sleep. today i feel kinda crappy though. really tired drugged drowsy. eventually i convinced myself to leave the house around 2:30. all was going well for a while. hung out with a friend and then went to run errands. that’s when i realized i was having a real problem. i stopped at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and used their bathroom while i was there. I hung my purse up on the hook on the back of the door and well it looked back at me. yes, my purse had grown a face and was looking at me. it was time to go home. but i’m not that smart so i finished my errands and then went home. all the while trying to not look at anything that could turn into a face. I’m working on a project hopefully you can see with images why being me is so fun.

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