first of all…

I’m ok. I’m going to be just fine. I’ve had a hard time adjusting to life after mania these last few weeks, but i’m beginning to feel much more normal. more like my self. i’ve got a lot of work to do, but i think a kick in the ass is just what i needed. i’m going to keep going to therapy. and not stop until i have a)a plan for dealing with future episodes B)worked out all past issues and how they fit together with everything else and C) my marriage is stable and we’re comfortable with each other and can move on with our lives.

really, i’m going to be just fine. i have hope and faith and my inner strength. i can get through anything. this hasn’t been the first horrible chapter of my life and it won’t be the last, but i am firm in my belief that i can conquer anything that comes my way.

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