fixing things

i couldn’t just sit around and feel upset about shit forever. i did something today that made me feel so much better. i can’t be put into positions where i feel uncomfortable for extended periods of time. i’ll lose it. fixed. thank god. i’m still having issues with being 100% honest with everyone, but i’m realizing some people just don’t need to know everything. actually there are very few that do. shit i don’t even think i can kid myself and say i’m 100% honest with anyone really. but who is. i mean like my parents needed to hear about my illicit adventures this summer. like greg needs to hear every single detail even though i’ve probably told him more than he wanted to hear being 7000 miles away and not being able to do a damn thing about it. sorry greg. but what can i say, you know how i get when i get manic.

i also have purged my phone. it’s what got me in trouble in the first place. well at least it played a huge part. i deleted so much stuff. lol some memories i want to hold onto though. i did have a lot of fun and met some very interesting people. but it’s time to move on to a better place. i’m better than all that.

i’m not where i want to be yet, but something are just going to be the way they are. I need to work on myself more. keep exercising, eating right, volunteering, pulling it all back together. but i’ve got this. i do.

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